Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions and answers. If you have any additional questions please contact us.


General question and answers about service

Podcast For You is a complete podcasting service, meaning we will not only have an individual join you on a podcast, you will get an entire team of Podcasting professional that will work on your show.

As part of your first month of service with us, we spend a lot of time researching your company, industry and customers. Together with you, we make sure that the theme for the podcast makes sense for your audience. As we produce more and more episodes we will continuously measure how the show is doing and get your feedback on any changes that should be made.


Question and answers about accounts

Never! You are free to cancel at any time by contacting us.

No. You pay for the Podcast For You service in advance (whether monthly or quarterly) so when you cancel we will deliver the final episodes to you and not renew for another month or quarter depending on your plan.

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