We will do a podcast show for you.

Let Podcast For You do all the legwork to run your own podcast.  Just show up to record episodes and we do the rest.

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Built with your brand in mind.

Before recording, we will research your brand, industry and audience to make sure your podcast is a raving success with your fans.

Air worthy content!

Our hosts are experienced with running amazing shows that will bring your audience back for more after each episode.

Complete package.

We will publish the episodes for you and also deliver a package of show notes, newsletter email, social media posts and more.

Done-for-you podcast service - launch your own podcast with minimal work and effort. 

Podcast For You is a full service podcast agency. We will work with you to determine the topic of the podcast that fits the needs of your business and take it from there. We will produce, co-host (with you), edit and publish podcasts for you.

Connect with your customers and bring them on air!

Increase your brand stickiness by bringing your customers on air and have them be a part of your Podcast and your brand! Help them feature their service, offering or story.

Increase your reach and open a new channel to be found.

A Podcast is a great way to explore a new territory of leads. Podcast listeners are engaged and looking for great content like yours!

What's Included?

Podcast For You is a full service podcasting agency. We will run a podcast for you from beginning to end. All of our packages include the following.

Your very own Podcast

Podcast For You will create a complete white labeled Podcast for your business. You will own the content and all aspect of the podcast. We will do most of the work.

Feed setup and publishing

When we are done with the episodes and the content is ready for publishing we will set everything up in your own accounts to go live on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and more.

Interview Scheduling

Give us the green light on who you want from your company or client base interviewed and we will take it from there.

Show Notes

Each episode comes with professionally written show notes which we will publish directly on your blog. Great for SEO!

Social Media Posts

We will create 5 social media posts and get them ready to be sent to help spread the word about your Podcast episodes.

Titles, Descriptions and Artwork

For each episode we will write and design all of the required content for publishing.

Topic Planning & Strategy

Our content experts will work with you to determine the best theme for the Podcast and plan a content calendar for every episode.

Audio Editing

We will edit and prep all audio files to ensure perfect sound quality.

Newsletter Email

You will get an email summary for each episode which will be ready to send to your email list to let them know about the latest episode of your Podcast.

Blog Ready

We will create a page on your blog for each episode with downloadable sound files and show notes.


Take your Podcast to the next level with these optional add-ons. You can activate and deactivate add-ons at any time.

Transcription Service

Get a full transcript of each episode for use on your blog and on Podcasting platforms. This is a great way to increase search engine visibility. ($100-$200/month)

YouTube & Video!

Record the conversation on video and have it available to be published on YouTube. ($150-$300/month)

Guest Recruiting

We can take care of reaching our to guests and invite them to join the show.($150-$300/month)


We'll help you find sponsors for each episode! (20% of sponsorship revenues)

Simple Pricing

We offer 2 different packages and a various add-ons to fit your needs. You are never locked into a contract. Cancel at any time.


$ 1,710 1,900

  • Weekly Episodes
  • Podcast title, music and artwork
  • iTunes and other platforms setup
  • Topic planning
  • Interview scheduling
  • Audio Editing
  • Feature image
  • Show notes
  • Setup on your blog
  • Email newsletter
  • Social media posts


  • YouTube / Video format ($300/month)
  • Full transcription ($200/month)
  • Guest research and recruiting ($300/month)
  • Sponsors recruiting (20% of earned revenues)
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$ 855 950

  • Bi-weekly Episodes
  • Podcast title, music and artwork
  • iTunes and other platforms setup
  • Topic planning
  • Interview scheduling
  • Audio Editing
  • Feature image
  • Show notes
  • Setup on your blog
  • Email newsletter
  • Social media posts


  • YouTube / Video format ($150/month)
  • Full transcription ($100/month)
  • Guest research and recruiting ($150/month)
  • Sponsors recruiting (20% of earned revenues)
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You are in good hands!

Our hosts, editors, producers and writers have been doing this for a while and our clients love it!

We've been thinking about starting a Podcast for our business for a long time but never took the leap. Podcast For You has been amazing to work with.
Podcast For You has been instrumental in the success of our Podcast. It is so nice to be able to just "show up" for calls and let them deal with the rest.
Marketing Manager

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How it Works

Getting your own podcast made by Podcast For You takes only 3 steps.


You'll first meet with a producer to discuss your business and goals from starting a podcast. We will work with you to determine the appropriate format, topic ideas and guest list to get started.


Once we have a Podcast plan in place we will start recording. You decide if you want to be a co-host, if you want someone on your team to do it or if you don't want to be involved. It's all up to you!


Once we are done recording episodes we work on editing the audio, writing the show notes, the newsletter article and social media posts - and of course publishing the files to iTunes, Google Play and other platforms.

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